About the designer/founder...
Jee Kim is a natural observer of trends and culture, Jee has an unerring eye for what drives the fashion market.  She also has a unique ability to temper those trends with an understanding of what works in real life. The result is product that blends utility and functionality with a clean, crisp style.

After 10+ years working for other brands (Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic, William Sonoma), she was ready to spread her wings. Jee became fascinated by how individuals from distinct cultures and backgrounds moved things from one place to another. She noted the beauty found in the basic materials used, and in the raw functionality inherent in their natural design. She took this inspiration and used both her past experiences and astute observations in deciding to act on the bags, the luggage, and the containers that she saw.  Speaking to her friends, Jee realized that there was a very serious need for men’s bags that blended the functional and the stylish. She wanted to bring in some of the ideas she had seen, but do so in a way that portrayed a sense of style, without being overly fussy.  Thus, Jee’s line of bags was born. She called it Peasants & Travelers to ensure it remained loyal to her inspiration – back in 18th century before pockets were invented, the peasants would carry their owners’ belongings in makeshift bags and the travelers who would also makeshift satchels for their long journeys.  

She’s brought over 60 styles to market by opening national accounts such as urban outfitters and orvis and 100+ small boutiques. The media adores peasants & travelers, her bags have been featured in Urban daddy, Thrillist, DailyCandy, NYTimes, Mens Health Magazine, Detail Magazine, 7X7, Antenna Magazine, Gizmodo.com. In June 2010, p&t was featured on TV for hosting a charity auction where she commissioned 17 local artists to paint on canvas doctors bags and donated the proceeds to doctors without borders. 


Where does the name peasants & travelers come from?
Back in 18th century before pockets were invented, it was the peasants who would carry their owners' belongings in makeshift cloth satchels. Additionally, when travel integrated into their lifestyle, it was the men who were considered fit to travel on their own. Men were the first carriers of "bags" as result. Peasants and Travelers pays homage to their innovation in travel bags. We strive to bring their innovation to light in a modern and relevant way for your urban work and travel needs.
Whats on the horizon for 2014-2015?


Peasants & Travelers is thrilled to release our first ever Made In America collection of travel and messenger bags. 
This season P&T has set our sites on quality and sourced some of the most beautiful waxed cotton and leathers available. These one of a kind bags are hand crafted by second generation saddle makers right here in California. They are classic and true to everything P&T is known for stylistically. At the same time they take P&T to a whole new level of design and construction
New collection will only be available online and in limited quantities.